Mutant Storm

Arcade 2002 Windows GarageGames Shooter Futuristic Action Indie

Bring the rain

Harking back to classic twin-stick shooters like Smash TV and Robotron, Mutant Storm is a cracking piece of entertainment that provides all the action fans of such things could want. It's a simple enough concept but executed so well that it's addictive right from the start and which will keep you going for some time. The background to the game is simplicity itself, telling how the inhabitants of a faraway world have been hit by some kind of ray which has turned them into terrifying mutants which have now gone on the rampage. It's thus your job to step in and save the day and which basically involves blasting these mutants into dust. You control a dinky little spaceship which you control with the keyboard, while your weapons are fired with the mouse. Your goal is simply to kill everything on screen, allowing you to proceed to the next such level where the action continues. You lose a life if you touch an enemy and once all lives are gone, it's game over. Mutant Storm is far from a complex game so don't go in expecting levels of depth to the shooter action. However, if all you're looking for is an intense and seriously addictive game, then this is a treat. The 89 levels on offer here start out fairly easily enough but the pace soon becomes frantic enough that even veteran shooters will have trouble keeping up with things and it's going to take some practice to get to the end. Fortunately, everything is fun enough that you'll keep trying until you nail it. Throw in some slick visuals and sound and you have a cracking time-waster.

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