Chicken Invaders 2: The Next Wave

Arcade 2002 Windows InterAction studios Shooter Futuristic Action Indie Casual Minigame Shooter action

Bird attack!

This is the follow-up to the mildly diverting shoot 'em up that is Chicken Invaders and which unsurprisingly spoofed the living daylights out of the classic Space Invaders. This one is pretty similar to its predecessor and like that game it's entertaining for a short while, mainly due to its light-hearted tone, but the lack of actual content soon becomes wearing and will likely have players looking for something more interesting. After having defeated the wave of chicken invaders in the first game, you discover that you hadn't actually finished the job and that there are still more evil avians out there looking for trouble. You're going to have to fight your way through 110 waves of chicken attackers before facing off against their leader, a laser-spewing egg, before you get to have a well-earned break from slaying space birds. The game is essentially the same as Space Invaders but with the addition of three weapons to make use of and which vary in their speed and strength while there are also several bonuses to earn and which are affected by your performance. Throw in a few secret levels and the occasional special item to pick up and you pretty much have this game in an eggshell. If you've got twenty minutes to spare then this is a perfectly acceptable diversion as it offers some entertaining high score-chasing action with a healthy dose of humor. The visuals are bright and colorful too with some attractive sprite work but if you play for an extended period you soon realize there's little variety or depth, making this one for pick-up-and-play sessions only.

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