Space Invaders

Arcade 1999 Windows Activision Shooter Futuristic

Old meets new

The original Space Invaders is an undeniable classic that spawned a whole generation of shooters from Galaxian to Xenon 2 and which entered the history books as a legend. This modern update actually does a good job of recreating the original's appeal while updating the idea for modern audiences, and which is well worth digging out if you're a new- or old-school gamer. There's actually a nice bit of history to the setup for this one, as you're presented with a scenario where the alien invasion from 1978 was successfully repulsed and where a new ship has been designed from the technology left behind. It's going to come in handy as the aliens are back and it's up to you to blast them down once more. The basic gameplay here is similar to the original, being a straightforward single screen shooter, where your only goal is to destroy everything which comes your way. However, to spice things up, there are now loads of powerups, new enemies and environments to fight over. There's also a two player option, a big boss battle, and if you get all the way to the end, you can unlock a recreation of the original 1978 version. Space Invaders might not be complex but it sure is fun, especially if you've got two players and are keen on high score chasing. The updated visuals are pretty cool, reminiscent of the first game, but with a nice modern style which is very appealing. The gameplay has been jazzed up a bit with the new enemies and is as enjoyable as ever, so if you want a blast from the past, this is a good bet.

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