Nantonaku Majyan

Strategy 2002 Windows Board games

Mahjong for up to 4 players

Nantonaku Majyan is a single player as well as multiplayer simulation of Mahjong, and, if you were looking for a good version for Windows of this popular Asian game, you can now rejoice: this one has all the elements that a game such as this needs to be very playable, fun to interact with, and the kind of graphics that will just allow you to play, without any other issues. From many other points of view, mainly from the point of view of the tile sets used and the way they are arranged, this is one of the best organized games. Each player, whether it be human or computer controlled, has a side of Mahjong tiles. You can see your own and the ones that are in play, in the center of the table, and then, each round you can see further ones, as they get disclosed. Another great thing is that as you play, the computer keeps statistics of your games, so that you will be able to see how many games you played, what are your weaknesses and strengths and what you need to do to improve your game. Also, the AI opponents come with their own set of skills and strengths, so playing against different opponents will feel different. Another good version of the game is also Four Winds Mah Jong if you'd like a 3D graphics interface for the game.

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