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Addictive board game from the East

If you live in the Indian sub-continent you may already know Ludo. If you're note, you may know that the game is a simple and really addictive Indian board game having the same name and a lot of fun to offer. The game is about making your counters to reach the home base before your opponents which can be 1 to 3. So a total of 4 players can play this game at a time and all of them have 4 counters to make them reach the home base. It is a good combination of both luck and skill because it involve the rolling of the dice to make your counters move on the board. The game is competitive in terms of the fact that you have to be diligent in how you make your counters move because you will be having more than one counter on the board and you have to make them all reach the base. This game has a very good A1 which makes all the computer opponents quite tough. The graphics in the game are not that much pleasing but the color combination is good enough to allow you to view what is happening on the board. The game is overall really addictive and is quite a famous real board game in Asia. For more fun board games, try Can't Stop.

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