Akuma: Demon Spawn

RPG 1998 Windows JC Research Fantasy Third Person Action based

Classic rpg game

Akuma is a role playing game based on a fantasy theme and involves a lot of action and thrill. The plot in the game is that the world has been invaded by demons and they are spreading destruction and chaos all over. To make them pay and leave this world, there warriors from different regions of the world have united and they have their own set of skills which they will use against the demons. One of the warriors is a swordsman who is skilled in the art of using sword. The other is a sorcerer and the third one is a girl and a princess who is skilled in martial arts and is an expert of archery. Each one of them have their personal reason to make the demons leave this world and they also want to maintain world peace. They are after the blood sword which they have known to possess the power to kill the satan. The game supports some fine graphics and a great chunk of some good action animations. The user interface is quite gripping and intuitive and it has a very good A1 which allows for a competitive gameplay. Revenant is another good flick in this genre.

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