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Another Diablo replica

In Silverfall, the player may acquire more and more powerful items and may play two days to get a black robe instead a white one or to get another point of fire damage on their armor. The player has to click so many times, that he will have to get another mouse in few days. The will to acquire those strong items seems to be written in human ADN, but the hard work and the many hours you spend playing Silverfall will make you visit the Control Panel for removing the game, so this one is a game for RPG lovers. The games might have other weak points, like poor graphics, bugs and annoying path-finding. Anyway, Silverfall have something good to offer like good RPG platform, tons of items to loot, many skills to learn and multiplayer also. The player fights with some common-type enemies, like trolls, humans, orcs, elves. The places are also generic: swamps, forests, desserts, caves. Fighting system is pretty well developed: you gain levels with experience and get new skills and attribute points to power-up your hero. Among thses, you'll find armor boosts, increased damage, many magical projectiles, buffs, summons and, of course, healing spells. An interesting thing in Silverfall is that enemies have auto-level, so it won't be always easy to get through explored areas. In my opinion, this game is for genre-lover only.

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