NHL 96

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One of the best hockey sims

National Hockey League 96 is a hockey sim game and its the successor of NHL 95. It was released in 1995 for DOS, Genesis, SNES and Gameboy, this game is a huge improvement that the last one. One of the most important thing is that it introduced online playing, which makes the gaming all the more fun. You also have three difficulty modes, rookie, pro and all star. It also introduces double minor and major penalties, so playing wont be all that easy when you have to watch what youre doing. Tha AI is designed very good, so if you play the game several times, you wont get the same responses from your opponent, and if you choose the multiplayer mode, the game gets even more fun. The players are better designed than before and the grapphics of the game are much improved than 2 years before, everything is more detailed and better looking. The soundtrack is awesome. It features the song Get Ready For This by 2 Unlimited as the games main theme and is a very upbeat, adrenaline shooting song that will surely put you in the zone. The game is so realisticaly made that it even includes fighting, which is oh so often in real hockey fields. The game is very dynamic, with great looks and a cool soundtrack, good and simple gameplay and overall brings much enjoyment and it will hook you to play game after game after game after game.

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