NHL 99

Sport 1998 Windows Electronic Arts Hockey

Hard and intense

NHL 99 is a hockey game released by Electronic Arts, one of the leaders that provides the best and the most popular third-party videogames. Its creativity and ambitions led to a rapid growth in the industry. NHL 98 is its predecessor. At first glance, the graphics of NHL 99 are pretty nice, despite its ancient release. You are given the following mods to choose from: beginner, exhibition, new season, new playoffs, new tournament. These great modes will prevent you from being bored the whole game. I guarantee you this thing: even if you don't like hockey, or if you don't have any idea about this sport and how it is played, you will enjoy it. As far as I noticed, the gameplay is smooth, without problems concerning the control, and this is a plus. Beside this, I have to say it's kind of difficult to score, and this is a bit frustrating, especially when you are sure the puck goes in. The fun part comes with the multiplayer mode, with the coaching options, seasons or shootouts. The public cheers and the voice commentator during the matches increase the adrenaline and the excitement of playing. EA games succeeds in the production of sports games, and this interesting game is one of those you should definitely try and add to your collection.

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