NHL 95

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Ice cold

One of EA's earlier sporting games, NHL 95 brings ice hockey to your monitor, and on the whole it does a fairly decent job of recreating this action packed and exciting sport. This version offers several improvements over its predecessor, including the option to play a full season, and to create, trade and release players. A number of new moves can now be performed, including blocking shots by dropping to the ice, while stats fans are sure to appreciate the detailed numbers from the '94 season. Beyond this, there isn't a great deal to say about the game. Graphics are functional, rather than spectacular, and while the animation is fairly basic, it keeps the game running at a high pace. Sound is realistic, with commentary and crowd responses faithfully reproducing the atmosphere of a genuine hockey match. While the inclusion of the stats is a nice touch, it doesn't really seem to make that much difference to the game and once you get the hang of the straightforward controls, it isn't actually that difficult to win the championship. That aside, this is a fun game that hockey supporters are sure to enjoy, although non-sports fans might not get that much out of it.

Poorly animated game of hockey

I hate the fact that this game has dressed it core experience, the actual match of hockey with so many fancy overlays. They would have served a good core experience absolutely great, but for what the matches have to offer as it is, poor animations, a rather simplistic and unsatisfying simulation that feels like a very crude arcade game, they no longer matter. What good is to have so many stats for the players that you choose for your team, when they all move as if they are one and the same? What good is to have so many teams to choose from, when whatever one will offer you the same look and feel for the game? The good thing is that, if you are not too concerned with true to life gameplay, NHL 95 will offer you a rather nice arcade experience. But I cannot vouch for the fact that you won't get annoyed with the poor animations. It took me no more than 10 minutes to really sigh in regret, at how easy it could have been to bring in just a few more animation frames per player, and really turn the game on its head.

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