NHL 2000

Sport 1999 Windows Electronic Arts Hockey Tournaments

Ice cream! Ice cream!

EA's long-running ice hockey series returns for another annual update and if you are a fan of this sort of sports game, then this stands as a fine example of the genre. Players of NHL 99 might not notice a whole heap of new features here but dig under the hood for a bit and you'll find a few things worthy of interest and which make this a good option for vets and hockey newcomers alike. Perhaps the biggest addition here is the Dynasty mode, which charges you with leading a team to success over an epic ten year period, and which requires you to be a good manager of the rink, picking the right players, and a solid player on the ice, hip checking with the best of them. Gameplay is a lot faster and rougher now, with some new moves added to your arsenal, while changes can also be seen in the timing system, which doesn't sound like much but in practice really changes how you play. There's all the usual options for different modes to try out, with the expected players and teams, customization options and the visual flash and dash in the presentation that makes this a truly immersive hockey experience. If you're in the market for an ice hockey game, then this is undoubtedly one of the finest out there. There's an almost overwhelming amount of options to play around with, and which will keep you hooked for ages, while the depth of the hockey itself also ensures a near limitless lifespan. There's a great sense of challenge to the whole thing, and it looks great too, with smooth animation and lots of detail. All in all, a cracking sports experience.

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