Nigel's World

Puzzle 1991 Dos Lawrence Productions Education

Carmen Sandiego like; Geography based

Nigel's World is a cool educational adventure game that offers you a detective based story line, that has all the elements and the build of a true Geography learning game. You play Nigel who's job is to travel the world and take pictures; of animals, landscapes, and more, but to do so he has to land on his feet and try and solve the hurdles he finds himself caught into through his journey. Yep, it's not a piece of cake type game, but then again it's for kids, which means that the difficulty level is never too hard, it never goes beyond its station. Also, a cool thing about the game is that it has well produced and delivered speech, in 17 languages, and thus, it is a game that is able to give you a thorough education in English speaking and more. But, all in all, it's a fun game, always having something cool and exciting, a puzzle, a story or something else, that will just give you your money's worth. And, if not, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego might prove a bit more meaty, or with a balance that makes it playable by older audiences too.

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