Sophie's World

Puzzle 1997 Windows Seuil Multimédia Education Historical

A truly wonderful experience

This is one of those games that have to be experienced to be fully understood. In the roughest sense, this is an educational game that teaches about philosophy over time and the big questions that made ancient and modern philosophers tick. But, this game is way more than that. Based on a book of the same name by author Jostein Gardner, this game reproduces the amazing atmosphere and sense of constant thinking very accurately. In the game, you travel through the world of Western philosophy with the help of your teacher Alberto. When in a certain epoch, you are presented with various puzzles about philosophy that you must solve to get to the next one. In that way, you learn how philosophy and its teachings evolved over time and familiarize with the views and opinions of history's greatest minds. The game is highly interactive, since Sophie can talk to all the important characters and also consult Alberto and her data base. The graphics are very nice and detailed. This game just can't leave anybody cold-hearted and after it's all over, you will sit and ponder about you've just experiences for a long while after. If you like to think about the origins of all things and are attracted to philosophy, this is a game that you just MUST have.

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