Ninja Gaiden 2 - Dark Sword of Chaos

Arcade 1990 Dos Dosbox GameTek Platformer Epic

Real breath taking action and adventure

This platform arcade action game is sequel to original Ninja Gaiden but this time they have added a lot of new features to make it more exciting and thrill to play. The plot starts from where the last edition left of. The crime lord which you defeated in the last part was merely a chicken and was working for a lord who lives in an even bigger castle than the last one you conquered. To make things more heated up for you, this lord has kidnapped your beloved girlfriend and you must now set off to get her back and destroy the crime lord. The first upgrade in the game is the smooth graphics which are supported by some very detailed animations and action sequences which makes the gameplay quite amazing. They have added a lot more variety to the gameplay in terms of action and the moves that your character will make. Without snapping your controller either back or forth, you can now climb different walls of the castle and also have a variety of features to enhance the power in your moves and perform some circus like stunts. They have also incorporated some very good graphical effects for the backgrounds that include snow storms and moving trains. This game can really set your pulse rating and will provide you sheer fun.

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