Rush 'n Attack

Arcade 1986 Dos Dosbox Konami Platformer Horizontal shooter Epic

Sidescrolling action game; pretty solid

Rush 'n Attack is a solid action/sidescrolling game, well done, well produced, yet pretty basic in most ways. It offers you a fantastic set of levels, with the Russians as your main baddies. You are a heavy marine type, and you will have to destroy all the enemies in each level. The levels themselves could have been a little more original, yet, as they are, they are not bad. They are colorful, with good elements, here and there, and with a pretty well produced and well delivered construction. What might feel a little like a letdown is the fact that the game reuses a lot of the textures and the enemies are also just not too diverse. You have 4 different areas to play through, a missile base, a harbor area, a bridge and a prison camp. Each area has its own visual style, yet all of them have something very similar. So, overall, Rush 'n Attack plays great, has a very bare metal feel to it, but you'll like it, if you don't look for something extraordinary, but for a good sidescroller with military theme. Else download Shinobi, one of the best arcade sidescrollers with a shuriken heavy protagonist taking over entire armies of machine gun enemies!

A good platform combat game

This combat game is a scrolling platform PC game which is known beyond the boundaries of US as Green Beret. It is fairly decent military mission game which has been supported by some decent graphics and a great game play full of options. The Green beret which you will play needs to demolish a secret weapon that has been devised by the enemies. After crossing six stages of raw war and exciting gaming options, you will reach the main base where the enemy has the weapon stored. The weapons here are a bit limited which is I guess to make things tougher. You can select a variety of enemies which include yellow solder, karate solider, foot soldier, soldier with a machine gun, paratroopers. The yellow soldiers when you kill them give you the heavy artillery but I am not impressed with the limited ammo. The controls has a flaw in tricky situations and the other thing which I did not like is that there is no option to continue when you complete your five lives. Well I would rate the game as an average time pass. For more exciting game play, better graphics and better control, Contra III: The Alien Wars is a great option.

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