Ninja Gaiden

Arcade 1990 Dos Hi-Tech Expressions Platformer

A classic ninja game

Ninja Gaiden, is a side scrolling game about ninjas and you get to play your character as a ninja in the game. The game reminds me a bit of Assassins Creed and a little bit of Spiderman as you are able to bounce off walls and bounce up buildings like an awesome ninja. The game is very hard, without a doubt, even the most professional players will struggle to complete the game. You have a life bar, but when you get hit, your character jumps back and will usually fall into the nearest pit or hole. Despite the game's difficulty and the sheer amount of times you will die, you get unlimited lives, so you can continue to keep playing even after the "Game Over" screen. Power-ups and ammo are scarce throughout the game, so cheat codes do come in handy. Ninja Gaiden was released on various consoles such as the NES & Sega Master system and PC systems. The game has quite a cult following I believe, that I can't seem to understand, probably due to it's "ninja" themes and it being one of the first enjoyable ninja games since Karate Devils on the Commodore 64. Ninja Gaiden also spawned the game Ninja Gaiden 2 - Dark Sword of Chaos which is also worth playing. Overall an enjoyable but difficult game, that has fun and unique aspects to it and often does make you feel like you are playing as a ninja, however I enjoyed the game Ninja on the Sega Master System more than Ninja Gaiden as that always seems to be an underrated classic and you actually get to throw ninja stars in the game.

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