Nitro Family

Action 2004 Windows Akella Shooter

Come get some!

Nitro Family is certainly not a game to take very seriously, but if you like your shooters over the top and full of gratuitous humor and violence, like Serious Sam or Duke Nukem, then this is for you. It's a ridiculously silly but very entertaining romp that is packed with action and adventure and which will have you grinning from ear to ear. The bonkers plotline finds an evil corporation turning an innocent populace into mindless zombies, and when your son is kidnapped, it's up to you (and your wife, who happens to be strapped to your back), to step in and save the day. What follows is a first person shooter which features some interesting mechanics alongside the usual ones. Besides lots of dual wielding impressive weapons, your wife can also be used to decapitate bad guys with her whip or be commanded to fly ahead and destroy enemies with deadly gas. You can combo and upgrade weapons to improve their killing power, while the whole thing takes you to fifteen locations across the world, from China to the USSR and the US. Nitro Family is very much a low budget affair and it shows in the visuals, which are a touch on the ugly side, with some crude textures and such like, while the level design is also a bit lacking in imagination and flair, again betraying its origins and there's a general lack of slickness. The weapons too are a little unsatisfying to use but the action comes at you hard and fast and the deliciously over the top nature means that fun is never far away. This isn't a deep or complex game but it is entertaining and perhaps that's what counts.

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