Action 2003 Windows Akella Shooter 3D

The great AI makes your efforts spent worthwhile

Devastation is a 2003 dark sci-fi game, with a futuristic environment. This first-person shooter introduces the player to the post-apocalyptic Earth, where corrupt corporations control the world, more exactly its technology, media, and society. You play as a member of the Resistance, that has to fight for justice with your own team, saving what remained of this world. This game deserves to be played due to its convenient and innovative physics engine, that allows you to use or operate anything you see in a certain manner. Some of the missions or even simple tasks raised my tension and irritated me to the fullest, and that is why I recommend you that you should consult a walkthrough. Devastation allows you to launch commands to your well trained, intelligent and powerful team, and the great AI makes your efforts spent in battles worthwhile. Speaking of battles, they give you a nice feeling, due to your gang members presence, a feeling that wasn't the same if you were fighting by yourself. From the graphics point of view, there is nothing to blame, everything looks awesome. It's a game that will both entertain and annoy you. Give it a try and a chance, the gameplay surely won't make you indifferent!

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