Action 2003 Windows Hip Games Shooter Fpp Sci fi

Crazy, chaotic and fast!

Firestarter is a 2003 first-person shooter that puts you in charge to fight a virus that can cause serious damage to the mind. You can choose to play as an Agent (an acrobatic female), a Gunslinger (a very accurate male), a Cyborg (a heavily equipped player that can restore his armor) and a Mutant (a four armed humanoid). Throughout the 16 levels you will fight various enemies, try to survive, collect artifacts and use 19 different types of weapons. This is the type of game that promises and keeps his word. The 3D introduction animations look amazing, the graphics present a futuristic world modeled and textured carefully and splendidly and the general innovation that portrays this game is plentiful. I remember the time when I played the first level, some armed creatures attacked me and I was almost dizzy from the madness I experienced trying to escape from them, and my fingers were hurting while pressing rapidly on the keyboard. Firestarter is crazy, chaotic and fast! One thing that reduces the amount of fun is the limited time provided in each episode. But despite this, the action will make you feel the blood pumping through your veins! If you want to feel this kind adrenaline you may consider another futuristic game.

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