Postal 2

Action 2003 Windows Akella Horror Shooter Adventure Indie Modern

Offensive and over-the-top shooter

This expansion pack for the sequel to the highly controversial Postal adds in a multiplayer mode and fixes a few bugs that were previously present but other than this is largely unchanged and it remains a game which players will either love or hate. Known primarily for its graphic violence and low-brow humour, Postal 2 is an open world-style FPS which places gamers in the shoes of the Postal Dude, an ordinary guy who has a bunch of mundane tasks to complete. However, the appeal here is that these can be completed using copious amounts of violence, which will inevitably attract the attention of the various dubious parties that are hanging around town and which will only escalate matters. As with any shooter, there are plenty of suitably over-the-top guns around to add to the fun, although here this includes such gems as the notorious diseased cow's head. In terms of gameplay, Postal 2 is pretty much standard FPS fare, albeit with less linear missions and a realistic world to explore which is more akin to GTA. However, it is the violence and humour which are the draws here and if you are into Duke Nukem 3D or South Park-style gags, then there is much to enjoy here. Unfortunately, beneath the jokes and deliberate attempts to offend, there is little more than a standard, somewhat underwhelming shooter and better examples of the genre are easy to find.

A very gory bloodbath

Postal 2, this game has actually created so many new ways to offend people through the form of video games, the programmers, must have written this game from an insane asylum, but with Postal 2, they take the offensiveness further just in case you were not offended enough in the first Postal game. This game will make some refuse playing and others laugh. This game was most well known as a topic of conversation by the water cooler when you might be talking about violent video games, then Postal 2 comes up and talking about the game usually starts like this: "My (friend/uncle) has this game where you can do (insert crime here) with (insert weapon here)". This is about as far as most people get with this game, most being turned off it because of it's violent content. It was not particularly a great game, the graphics were poor, the controls are awkward, but it was the shock factor that really got people talking about this game. Yes, this game involves cruelty to animals. Yes this game involves cruelty to children and every other thing you can possibly do that is cruel. This is definitely a game aimed at a mature audience. The game has been banned in several countries and is more violent than Rockstar's Manhunt series. All around, a pretty funny game that you can't knock until you have tried it.

No other game like it

This FPS is a great game. Sure the loading every 1/2 mile sucks, but what other game can you shove a shotgun up a cats brown-eye and blow people to bits with furball encrusted shotgon rounds?? Oh and did I mention you get to shoot Gary Coleman? This game takes nothing seriously, and thats what there is to love about it. It's a shooter where anything goes.

Grand Theft Auto with no missions

Everybody has played Grand Theft Auto and gone on a killing spree, using cheats to spawn tanks and helicopters and destroying the innocent bystanders while the police sends armies after you. But imagine Grand Theft Auto with no cars, no missions, small maps, and having to load every 1/12 of a mile. That is Postal 2 in a nutshell. Although there is missions, you probably won't be doing them, for they are all mundane tasks such as get the milk and receive paycheck. There is 2 ways to do every mission, the nice way, or the evil way. When you are trying to get the money in the bank, you could wait in line and do it like a normal person, or you can kill everybody and take the money out of the safe. The game claims you can do things nicely, but the nice ways never work, and it pushes you to be evil.Killing sprees in this game get boring after a minute or so, and unlike GTA, the missions aren't very exciting either. Over all, DON'T get this snore-fest of a shooter. It only wastes your time.

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