Nobunaga's Ambition

Strategy 1986 Dos Dosbox KOEI Historical Empire management

Play it, if you are ambitious in your strategies

Nobunaga's Ambition is a 1986 turn-based strategy game whose story presents a war between daimyos, the governors of many feudal states. It is a story about power and the desire to rule and conquer the land of Japan. You play as Nobunaga Oda, that has to unite lands owned by feudal lords, a mission that requires following numerous options. To achieve great reputation and to ease your work, you have to use your time in recruiting new warriors, to invest in training them. Your forces will be classified in light infantry, horse-riding cavalry or rifle-equipped distance attackers. The gameplay resembles another turn-based game whose action is set in China. There are several modes of playing, and you can select from a scenario with 17 territories, to a scenario with 50 regions. The daimyo you will choose to play possesses abilities in a few aspects: Age, Health, Ambition, Luck, Charm and IQ. Prepare your strategies when you want to go on a military conquest! If you do so, there are high chances of winning. You can partner with nearby warlords, if you aren't the battle type of player. Any failed strategy like the one mentioned above can make you choose the sabotage against your enemies. You can hire special assassins to kill them while sleeping, for example. The graphics are suitable for the game's theme and atmosphere, but the sounds are better if they are turned off. Play this game that will give you a pleasant time in front of the computer!

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