Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Strategy 1985 Dos KOEI Historical Empire management

Historical mix of strategy and RPG

This game is truly among the best historical strategy games that have been made. The plot in the first ROTTK episode is based on the 10th century Chinese Empire where there are riots and war within the empire and with the enemies outside the empire. The main focus is however on the enemies outside the empire. The tactical war elements in the game are the prime feature here because they are not only interesting but are also realistic. You will use both your army and your resources along with the diplomatic channels to deal with the enemies. Reward your generals to keep them motivated and plan strategies to take down the top generals of the opponent's army. The other good thing in the game is that the action has been supported by some good graphics which make it really interesting and entertaining. Moving further, the user interface is so simple and interactive that you can easily learn the gameplay. However it is still tough to master it that keeps the interest going. The controls are also smooth and you also have the option to personalize scenarios of the gameplay. Overall it is a top notch game of its time and is fun like Annals of Rome.

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