Adventure 1986 Dos Dosbox Mastertronic Oriental

Sidescroller, adventure, strategy and action! 86! Wow!

It's a really amazing feat how many types of gameplay this 86 game managed to put into the game. It's got beautiful sidescrolling action, but it also has strategic elements, as well as action. And, at the core of it all, it is a sprawling adventure, for all intents and purposes. This blend of elements, incredibly, work very well in tandem. Kind of makes you wonder what these modern day developers think about when they say that it is hard enough to produce one genre in a game, let alone blend genres. I guess it's a question of finding excuses for being lazy! Well, nonetheless, back to the game, where you are a samurai, who needs to fight himself, needs to recruit new samurais for his cause and also, needs to take care that he has enough treasure to keep these additional members of his squad satisfied. Also, as I said, this is also an adventure, and in good old fashioned adventure style, it's got classic inventory based puzzles! Yeah! Amazing! And don't snide, even if it's all delivered in ZX Spectrum looking CGA graphics, that's not the point. The point is that this oldie blends more things together and better than so many other modern games out there. Beautiful! Play it. And download, additionally, Last Ninja, as this one is more action oriented, if the potpourri of styles is making you Dizzy!

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