Odell: Down Under

Puzzle 1996 Windows MECC Education Item collection

Interesting fish based time waster

Within this game, you're going to jump into the skin of one of many tropical fish species and you're going to engage in all sort of fish specific activities. Don't expect a simulation though, the game is a sort of very simple arcade in which you'll guide your fish around, eat and at times try to avoid capture. Therefore, this is the kind of aquarium background only that it sports a level of interactivity that a straightforward screensaver doesn't have. Another game like element is the score that you get after a play. At any rate, you're going to want to try this thing if you're in for a Zen like experience, one that will see your fish and tank background filled with all sort of tropical plants needs quenched. The graphics are pretty and realistic, though we're talking static backgrounds here and nothing else much. So, soon enough boredom settles, unless, of course, you pace the game sessions for your 5 minute occasional breaks. So that's it, a cool but simple, fish and fish tank based time water that will see you take your occasional 5 minute breaks without too much fuss.

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