The Amazon Trail

Puzzle 1993 Dos Dosbox MECC Education

Great mix of puzzle and education

It is an educational game which has been sprinkled with fun and entertainment and has turned out to be a fine combination. Though the game was designs for the children that age between 7 and 12 but the gameplay and the educational facts in the game are a bit tough for them. The plot is that you will be doing adventure in the Amazon forest and will also know about the people that live in the nearby cities. The puzzles and the obstacles that you will counter in the game are the ones that will educate you about amazon. You need to search out gifts from the forest and the cities and bring them back to the King. Apart from exploring the forest and it facts you will also be going to the cities that are near the river and there you will interact and carry out trade with other people. So the game will educate you from a variety of different perspectives and also has some fun elements in the form of dialogues and the scenarios. The graphics in the game are loveable and the A1 is really tough for any gamer. The level designs are unique and the game is overall good. Three Fold is another recommendation that goes out from my side.

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