Museum Madness

Puzzle 1994 Dos Dosbox MECC Education

Decent enough excursion into edutainment territory

Edutainment titles have had a tough time convincing some of their worth as games and education but the likes of Carmen Sandiego, Headline Harry and the Eagle Eye Mysteries have done a pretty decent job of combining the two. Museum Madness is another fine example of the genre that manages to provide a fairly entertaining romp that also teaches at the same time, so if you need to keep some young ones quiet for a couple of hours but want them to learn something, then fire this up. The premise is quite appealing, especially for young boys, and describes how aliens how taken over the museum and that there may even be dinosaurs roaming around too. In order to get rid of this threat, which may be more dangerous than it seems at first sight, you must grab your satchel and head to the museum, solving puzzles and exploring its dusty halls as you go. Players will encounter famous historical figures and learn about everything from natural history to chemistry and technology. It's all fairly straightforward stuff but as long as you're not expecting a full-on and epic adventure, there's much to enjoy here. The puzzles aren't overly complicated but should keep the target audience challenged and captivated for a while, while the graphics and sound are generally appealing and do a good job of bringing the trick subjects on display here to life. It's obviously somewhat dated now, so you might find some of the facts a little suspect but apart from that, this is a fun little adventure that makes for an enjoyable ride.

Edutainment game focusing on tech, geology and prehistory

In order to get the children and teenagers of 94 to learn a few things about technology, science as well as space, history and prehistory, Museum Madness created a very intriguing premise. The player character is the only one who can truly communicate with MICK, Museum Interactive Computer Kiosk, a robot from the eponymous museum. Bonding with the NPC robot will prove quite an interesting premise and he will put you up for a grand adventure, trying to save the entire museum which is being assaulted. But not only does the robot talk, but also many of the exhibit pieces. So, this game will truly speak to younger children, who might still get mesmerized by the personified list of objects. The point and click mechanics aren't half bad, and neither are the mini puzzles that the game pits you against. Therefore, you can get a truly gratifying few hours of game out of this one, and if you're playing with your younger ones, the fun is guaranteed. Just don't expect a grand adventure, just a number of quests teaching you simple notions as well as fact on the above mentioned subjects.

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