Drakan: Order of the Flame

Action 1999 Windows Psygnosis Medieval 3D action adventure

It doesn't bring something new, but it has class

Drakan: Order of the Flame is a 1999 fantasy action game similar to King's Quest. The storyline presents a world where dragons exist. They were in conflict with humans but the chaos ended, and the peace ruled the world. Unfortunately, war began when an army full of devils was unleashed by Navaros the sorcerer. You play as Rynn, an athletic warrior young woman, who rides a dragon named Arokh, who joins her and agrees to help her in quests. You will face a lot of challenges and battles along the way, and I assure you that the gameplay will definitely captivate you. Is it just me or Rynn looks like Lara Croft especially from behind? Drakan: Order of the Flame surely doesn't bring something new to the adventure game enthusiasts, but it surely has class. The controlling is based on combining the use of the keyboard and mouse, and the hotkeys are available for you to use the inventory that contains health kits and even potions. Also, by pressing the hotkeys you can save your game. Speaking of controls, I remind you that battles allow the use of spells beside killing with weapons like swords. The moments when you fly on your dragon are immersive. The dragonflight looks pretty good also, especially in effects. You will enjoy this game!

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