Omni-Play Horse Racing

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And they're off!

Horse racing isn't exactly a sport which is regularly translated into video gaming form and although there are a few examples out there, such as Final Stretch, they are few and far between. Fortunately though, this little game (also known as Sport of Kings) makes a pretty decent stab at recreating the thrill of going to the races and is thus well worth a look. The goal of the game is simply to become as wealthy as possible by racking up the cash from betting on the horses. You start out by entering a tournament and then you're presented with all the odds and stats for the various horses, including things like jockey performance and history, and then you get to place your bets. There are various options here to choose from, so if you're feeling daring you can place all your cash on your chosen horse to win, but if you're more cautious, you can choose to hedge your bets and hope that it only shows. It's then a case of sitting back and watching the action unfold. If you're into your horse racing, then there really is lots to enjoy here. There are plenty of stats to pore over and you can spend lots of time just checking out a jockey's history, while the races themselves are genuinely quite exciting and tense to watch, in the same fashion as a real one. There's also heaps of atmosphere, thanks to the lovely graphics which are full of personality and which really help to make the game pop. The whole thing is really easy to get into too, with a simple interface so when combined with the fun racing action, this is well worth a look.

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