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Be A Pirate

Buccaneer is a pirate-ship simulation video game released in 2008 and published by SSI. The game is basically a simulation where you build your pirate crew and roam around the world, finding treasure and making a name for yourself. While this concept sounds good on paper, the product that hit the shelves of video games looked and even played good as well. The game has no story, due to the fact that you build your own story, by doing certain things in the game which pirates regularly do. In the game, you take control of a ship with your crew on and it's up to you to lead your crew on a quest of treasure hunting and pillaging. In terms of gameplay, there are some elements which will affect the game as you progress. One of them is the morale mechanic. This supposed to make your crew stronger or weaker, based on the morale. However, I didn't feel the difference, because I was still able to sink other ships even on a WEAK morale. Another mechanic is the infamy which I suppose is used like the heat meter in NFS Most Wanted, but, like the morale meter, I didn't feel any changes. The controls over the ship feel smooth and the water battles are quite entertaining. The graphics are beautiful, especially the water and reflexion effects. Overall, Buccaneer is a great game for those who want to play pirate in the realm of video games, but it's not quite worth owning, but rather for a weekend rental at best.

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