Industry Giant II

Simulation 2002 Windows JoWood Productions Trade or management Strategy Managerial Simulator

Take out your inner entrepreneur!

Industry Giant II is a 2002 simulation game, the sequel to the 1997's original game, whose concept is very similar to Transport Tycoon and another real-time strategy game. It's perfect for those that prefer industry and economical matters included in the gameplay. The single complaints about Industry Giant 2 are refering to the unsuitable colors used when highlighting some aspects or objects in the background, the somehow dull scenarios and your little intelligent rivals. Leaving these behind, I can say that this game is an interesting and well-realized guide when it comes to teaching the main premises in developing a prospere business. When you follow some important strategies and reach a high producing level, then you will definitely know and discover how it's like to build a profitable business. Unlike Capitalism, where you were allowed to sell products made by others, in IG2 you can only use items manufactured by you. This means that you have to be precise and pay attention to your actions and calculations. There are some limited possibilities when it comes to the transports and storage domain, but you will enjoy your options. As you proceed, new vehicles and items will appear. Take out your inner entrepreneur, develop your skills and play this great game!

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