Sport of kings

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One of the very best horse racing simulation

The game is by far one of the very best simulations of horse racing as the word for it is sheer diversity. The task in the game is quite obvious and that is to bet on different horses and win serious amount of money to be the best better. The task however looks simple but is fused with a lot of variety in options and stats. Once you put up your name in tournament along with your friends how might also want to compete with you, you will have an access to the tournament or match profile where you will get all the details about the match. The details will be in the form of the horses and the jockey racing etc. Then you can see complete career stats of a jockey and the odds about a horse. You can even consult with a better before placing your bet. These statistics and the variety of other options will be considered before you place a bet on a horse. The risky the bet will be, the larger the amounts of money that you will earn. So you can say that the game also involves a lot of thinking or strategizing. The gameplay is very good and the graphics are absolutely spot one. After having a shot at this one, try QuarterPole Plus which is also a fine simulation.

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