Jill of the Jungle

Arcade 1992 Dos Dosbox Epic MegaGames Tales and legends Item collection Action based

Lovely sidescroller, for shareware era nostalgics!

Jill of the Jungle along with Xargon have defined, for me at least, a certain kind of left to right experience; nope, these were not classics because they were the best out there, but they were much more readily available than many other sidescrollers of the era. Plus, they replaced high quality of content, graphics, level design, types of challenges with longer games. Each of these games came with a free initial episode and then the rest had to be bought, and the distributors would send them to you via mail. But, by the time the first episode was finished, you knew you were hooked and would order and then wait impatiently for the game to reach you! Heck, and you know what? Both the wait as well as the later episodes were worth it, even if they were generally harder than the first one. Another trait of these first few free episodes was the fact that they were vanilla like, packing less original/creative ideas and content,, without too many spikes in difficulty; these kind of values were explored in the later episodes. So, if you thought that the first free bit was kind of bland, well that was corrected in later iterations, as the developers were freer to build more intricate levels. Anyway, a must play if you want to experience the sidescroller shareware scene of the early 90s. Not cutting edge, but so much fun!

Cult DOS era game

Developed by Epic MegaGames, the ones who brought the Jazz Jackrabbit series, the game wanted a little attention. It caught the attention of gamers, but it wasn't such an impressive game. The game tells the story of Jill, an amazon. And that's all I could find out about the story. The game features 15 levels each of which can be entered from an overworld resembling another level. The gameplay itself is nothing special: you kill enemies with various items, most notably a knife, and have to solve some puzzles, some of which involve in getting gems or keys, transforming into creatures and so on. While this is unique, it still didn't offer the same fun factor as its competitors. While the graphics look nice, the sound is lame and sometimes annoying. Overall, Jill of the Jungle is a decent platformer game, but why play it when you have Keen and Duke? Oh well, if you wish to try it out, go ahead.

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