Arcade 1983 Dos SEGA Single screen Puzzle based Item collection

A very addictive arcade game

Like in many old school arcade games throughout the years, this game is extremely fun and addictive, but still extremely simple in its idea and gameplay. You control Pengo or his dear Deda-Deda in a labyrinthine maze and run from little monsters which try to eat you and you use your surroundings as a weapon. The ice blocks from the walls are movable and Pengo can use them to squash the monsters. The objective is to destroy all the little monsters and exit the level safely. The game hooked me up in a matter of minutes and I stayed playing it for the hour and a half. There are also powerups that you can pick up along the way It is very fun and actually quite challenging, so you'll lose a few lives before you master the game. The graphics are simple but adequate, and the animation is fantastic. If you like arcade games like PacMan and such, you will definitely enjoy this game and play it for years and years and you can even show it to your kids, they will also fall in love with it immediately . Perfect!

Pengo, loved it!

I was a gun on Pengo back in the early 80s. It was a great escape away from reality and into the world of magic! I totally loved the game Pengo, even thought about it a couple of times over the years. I'd would love to be able to have another blast again.

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