Arcade 1982 Dos Dosbox Broderbund Epic Puzzle based Item collection

Classic and addictive arcade puzzler

Blue is for good and green, red and orange is for bad. Well it's an arcade style puzzler where you have a good blue colored serpent roaming in a maze along with the orange, the green and the red one. The goal or the target of the blue serpent in the game is to eat the other serpent and earn point and extend by growing its segment. When you eat the tail segment of a serpent, it becomes shorter in length and turns green if it becomes shorter than the length of your serpent. Hitting such green one head on eliminates it and extends the tail of your blue one. Hitting the red one or the orange one headfirst results in the loss of the life of your blue serpent. So you have to stick to the rules with this game and will turn out to be very addictive. The level designs in the game is very diverse and creative and you have different mazes and dynamics at different levels. Frogs also come at various levels eating which enables your serpent to grow the segment. The game gets tougher as you advance on in levels. The controls are prefect and so is the user interface. Pengo is the last game that I played in this category and I still remember the fun and thrill.

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