Mine Shaft

Arcade 1983 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Single screen Puzzle based Item collection

Simple and average arcade style game

It is an arcade style puzzle based game which involves gameplay like the famous Pac Man. Though the game is not as good as the Pac man, but still it is good enough to take a shot at. You will have to go shooting in mines to protect yourself with a goal to collect a variety of different gems. The level designs in the game are very good as you get different patterns at every level to go through. You need to reach the exit at different levels, while killing and avoiding the enemies that stop your way. In terms of the variety of options, the game has nothing because the gameplay remains the same throughout. However the A1 is really good and the different patterns get really tough as you progress in the game. Moving on, the graphics are quite smooth and clear as they allow you to see all the details of the action that takes place in those mines. The background details at every level are also very well drafted but the gameplay really lacks because of the bad control dynamics. Some of the patterns are really hard to get through.

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