Pharaoh Gold

Simulation 2001 Windows Sierra On-Line Building Strategic scope Historical

All your gold are belong to Sierra!

Sierra was all over the map when it came to the value and polish they managed to put into their games. Some of their creations were just abysmal (see Crazy Nicks Pick Parlor Games With Laura Bow, for a really messed up bundle type deal!) but they also had their moments of glory, putting out games that were actually worth their weight in gold! Pharaoh Gold is just one such game, a real time strategy which combined world building with eco sim bits and with the clash of real time action. Thus, the recipe was a really interesting one, as it was based on classic real time strategy but it also had enough world building to be considered a world building game. It's not, however a Caesar type deal but tends more towards confrontational action gameplay, though you could play it more as a world builder game as well. Visually the game still holds its ground, being the type of view from above, clean, 2D deal that is immediately satisfying and well crafted enough to not mare your enjoyment of the gameplay. Play it for the lush 2D graphics, for the Egyptian golden theme and for the combination of world building with enough action real time strategy elements.

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