Sudden Strike 2

Simulation 2002 Windows CDV Strategic scope Historical Strategy

A real time strategy with lots of scenarios

Sudden Strike 2 is the successor of Sudden Strike, a meaty, very playable modern combat real time strategy, for those that wanted to engage in WWII or later types of combat. All in all though, Sudden Strike 2 is a game that is also very interesting in terms of the manner it evolved, with lots of additions and small but important fixes. At its core it offers you real time strategy without a resource harvesting portion to govern it, which is for the better, as it allows you to focus on the tactics. The game contains no less than 40 missions with 5 different campaigns, and you can choose to play from the sides of Germany, USA, Japan and Great Britain as well. The game is in top down isometric 3D, with very beautiful and very elegant production value, and an art style that really captures your attention, even if it's nothing too detailed. But, for the kind of conflict you can expect in this game, it simply works fabulously well. Also, you can use the included editor to build new missions, so if you really like it, the possibilities of expansion are very good.

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