Pilgrims Quest

Strategy 1991 Dos Dosbox Decision Development Corp. Historical

Being an American colonist was not easy!

If you've ever played The Oregon Trail you know that a journey through the Wild West America was no stroll in the park, so imagine how it all started, with the Mayflower boat, when things were even wilder in the unconquered Americas! Yap that is what this game wants to simulate, in its rather very simplified and easy to play arcadey game: the voyage and the settling of the first American colonists. The game is thus a collection of minigames tied together by an all encompassing need for survival, described with a number of parameters, mathematically, neatly. But the world is surely not going to give you easy passage into the game, just because you desire it so. Nope, in Pilgrims Quest every day makes a huge difference, and your activities need to be closely correlated for your colonists to survive. The sea voyage is but a portion of the game, when you land, you will also get a big chunk of game. However, once the settlers are set that is it. Sure, you can restart the game as each take can be a slightly different then the last, but ultimately the game doesn't create too many different scenarios. Alternatively go for Galleons of Glory a title that goes a little deeper with the exploration of how the Americas became Americas.

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