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Economic sim set in the 17th century

1869 is a title that simulates the way commerce by sea was handles in the mid 17th century. The game plays similar to more modern sea trading games such as Patrician or Port Royale, but, of course, it pays tribute to its era of graphics. What adds a sprinkle of diversity to the otherwise simple mechanics of purchasing, sailing and selling at a profit is the setting which is featured in the game in the form of all sort of adventure style mini games. Each port has its own pub and hall and a few other places where you can interact with the locals, find out where a certain commodity might be needed or some other clues to some mysterious faraway place. The game simulates ships damage over time, so you will have to repair them and also, you will have to negotiate the salaries of your crew members as well. Plagues sometime will affect certain regions, which means that they will also be in dire need of certain commodities, while you risk infection and losing your crew. So, while not the most realistic and true to life simulation, it is nevertheless colorful and interesting enough if you have a love for virtual commerce.

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