La Grande Armee

Strategy 1991 Dos SDJ Enterprises Historical

Detailed multiplayer only wargame set in Napoleonic times

La Grande Armee is without a doubt a sprawling, very intense game, the kind that really puts a lot of effort into packing a lot of detail in there. Style wise it is similar to hex based strategies played in turns, but La Grande Armee has a bit of an issue... The problem? No AI! There's no computer assisted play, unfortunately. However, the tools the game puts in your hands even for a hot seat game are tremendous. Graphically it can be a bit too much at times, as the DOS specific color clashing can and will occur! But that is no reason to give this one up! Nope, it gives you enough reasons to keep you playing for long, as I said, if you can find someone to sink into its intricacies. But if you do, then La Grande Armee, old and weary as it is, will sure offer you the tools for a great campaign. For the rest of us though, that want a game that packs a single player challenge as well, also focused on Napoleon, the highly focused Waterloo can be a great option. Or, maybe, for a more diverse Napoleon wargame, Battles of Napoleon will pack that extra of diversity.

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