Strategy 1990 Dos Greygum Software Historical Trade or management

Interesting Trade simulation

It is a strategy game which involves a good variety of themes that includes economic simulation themes. The plot is that you will play the role of a gold digger and will be digging the gold from different lands. The target that is the only theme of your life in the game is to become rich and for this you will be doing everything that comes your way. Apart from doing your stuff to earn your fortunes from your lands, you also need to ensure that no one can benefit by using your land. The game apart from this theme also involves some arcade style shooting action which has been synced quite well with the theme. The level designs are quite innovative and no repetition has been made. You have a lot of interesting and diverse scenarios to counter and have a lot of options to exercise. The graphics in the game have also been excellently designed which allow for a detailed view of the gameplay. The user interface is ok as well and the game is overall above average. Other classic trade simulations in this category includes the classic Oil Tycoon.

A mining themed economic sim

Goldfields is the kind of game that combines a few arcade themes but sprinkles them as a second thought onto a much stronger economic simulation base. As a gold digger and entrepreneur/cut throat individual looking for fast money you need to prospect the land, make sure that nobody else is trying to profit from your land. The game has an arcade shooter portion attached to it as well, and a few other such minigames. But they are rather underdeveloped, seem more like a second thought than the original/central theme. However, if you're lucky enough to get the abandoned mines, later on, you'll be quite safe on your journey to getting rich quick. The game looks rather good for an early 90s sim, but don't expect nothing too fancy. On one hand the game doesn't need fancy games, on the other, this can be a point of contention for those that love more eye candy. At any rate, for its genre it's an ok game, but it can get a bit tiresome and boring at times, something that non eco sim gamers will feel faster than others.

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