Pizza Worm

Arcade 1994 Dos Dosbox Zorlim Action based Casual

Nibbler clone with its own quirks and graphic style!

How would you like to play the role of a worm that has a sweet tooth for pizza? What, worms don't have teeth?! Ok ok! Well, this game, regardless of any similarity or not to the real world puts you in the shoes (what, worms don't wear shoes either ?!) of a worm that loves pizza. Similar to the Nokia classic Snake, or the Nibbler genre of games, you move around an arena while ingurgitating the pellets (the pizzas in this case) and making sure you don't hit the walls or yourself. But, of course, the more you ingest the longer you get and this makes it troublesome for you to navigate. The quirk of this game is that it is not as mathematical and as rectangular in the way your snake moves, nope, this one's moves are more natural, more line like than square like. This too will become a problem later in the game because you are less likely to occupy the least amount of space that you should and this makes it harder for you to concentrate on an optimal course through the game. So, if you feel like the premise makes sense but would like to try it in another version, do give Nibbles a try as well. You will most definitely find this game fun to play as well.

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