Circus Games

Arcade 1988 Dos Keypunch Humorous Action based Casual

Cartoony circus themed minigames

Circus Games is a bundle of circus themed minigames, that will see you aiding a trapeze act get their show done, will also put you in the shows of a lion tamer and instructor, then, of course, will put you in the shoes of the magician to let you go, at the end, but not before you've played a bit of music, drums, cymbals and other assorted circus tunes. The games are very beautiful, cartoonish in a nice style, but the gameplay, given that most of the animations are prerendered, is very much about button mashing rather than anything else. But, as I said, there are but 4 minigames, and you can try them, they can be fun for the few minutes they keep you enticed. After that, the feeling that you want to redo them, at least in my case, was minimal. I expected a bit more really, maybe the challenges could have been more or the stages could also have been larger. Nonetheless, like I said, if you crave a colorful little bundle of quick time events controlled minigames, mainly, this one has got it. Sure, there are a few surprises you can discover on the road, but I would have liked that the main events, the ones that make up the game proper had had a little more meat on them. Well, you can always count on Playroom for some additional minigames in the same cartoonish heavy presentation.

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