Pizza Tycoon

Simulation 1994 Dos Dosbox Microprose Business Tycoon style Simulation strategy Strategy Managerial

Be a pizza emporium magnate!

In Pizza Tycoon you start at the bottom, just as a pimpled face pizza chef, but if you choose rightfully, and if you take the time to build, you will soon get to heights of market control that are really something else. Overall, Pizza Tycoon is a game that is definitely going to create a beautiful, organic and out of this world experience, that is truly going to speak to players that love games where you manage your way to the top. Now, you have to create new locations, create some pizzas that are original and also serve classics and try and find a way to be the choice your clients make; this takes a while, but for the most part Pizza Tycoon is definitely a well produced game, so every step of the way is fun to play. You'll love finally opening your first restaurant, then another and so on; yes clients can be fickle, but overall, with the right billboard and paper advertising you can draw in more clients and expand your business. It's a great game, a beautiful experience, managerially, and moment by moment, if you like working with numbers and with managerial choices too. Graphically it's very psychedelic like, a good, cool mix of elements, but they all work properly and are kind of cool. A good alternative, similarly addictive, is Pizza Syndicate which builds on the same premise of a pizza empire built from scratch, but this time with a more advanced building mechanic to it.

Bad features, but it's worth to see how you run a pizza business

Pizza Tycoon is a 1994 simulation strategy game where you will test your managerial skills, but in a fun way of course! At least, you will try to have fun. When you hear pizza, suddenly, your mouth is watering, but this game kind of takes the huge appetite for it. After you play it for a while, (or even from the beginning), you will find this game a bit dull, where the most important thing that misses is the humour. So, at this area, this game stinks like bad mozzarella. Or maybe, I am offending the bad mozzarella. Your main purpose is to develop your business, by creating successful chains of pizza restaurants. This is a task whose action may become repetitive and boring even for the children. Fortunately, the pizza recipes you have to experiment will always be fun and invigorating. This is not all, you will involve in shady business, dealing with mafias, and with the police, if your actions will be discovered. The interface is confusing, difficult to get used to, and the text is incomprehensible, but the competitions where you participate to make pizzas will make your forget about the negative features. You will begin with an empty dough, and you're allowed to add what ingredients you want to, like various vegetables, meat, fruits or herb. See how you can handle your business and play it! It's worth a try.

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