Plague of the moon

Adventure 1994 Dos Gabe Macchia Third Person Puzzle based

Pure adventure and puzzles based game

It is third person adventure game where you have a fantasy theme and a goal of vengeance. You will play as the daughter of a sorceress who was killed by some evil power and you now need to avenge her death. As a young lady, at first you won't be having any magical power and tools to counter the evil and to go through the hurdles that will be posed in the way. You will first start to collect the resources for your fight against the evil and then you will be able to take down the powers of evil and avenge your mother. The game involves some very tough puzzle solving which will enable you to collect some magical powers and objects that are needed on the way. The fighting sequences in the game are from the first person perspective and they are very engaging and thrilling as well. The adventure here is depicted in the form of the vast world of interactive elements and some very colorful sceneries and fantasy set ups. The controls in the game are fine for an adventure game but it is the interface that is really interesting and interactive. Donkey Island like games and this one gives you a fair deal of adventure and fun mixed with role playing and action.

Point and click game

Probably one of the best point and click games of all time. It all started when i got one of those 5 foot 10 cd rom deals. It has everything you need to get through the day. It has some scary issues to get through but in the end you will see your reward. Go ahed and play it. 10 STARS Don't be scared by the music. That is the best part.

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