Lord Avalot

Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox Thorsoft Third Person Puzzle based

Hugely enjoyable graphic adventure

If you enjoy such humorous graphic adventures as Space Quest or Discworld, then this little known gem is sure to be right up your alley, offering as it does an entertaining quest, some fun puzzles and a cast packed with personality. The narrative is less than serious and is set on an island off the coast of Wales in the year 1179, revolving around the kidnapping of a princess. However, the best knight to recover the lost damsel is away elsewhere, adventuring in foreign lands, so it is up to the hapless Lord Avalot (the player) to step up to the task. The gameplay is fairly familiar from games like the old Sierra adventures and generally involves exploring a variety of environments and using a text-based parser system to interact with the various characters you meet and solve the puzzles that get in the way of your rescue attempt. While the gameplay may be familiar, what helps the game stand out is its sense of humour and although the jokes aren't exactly sophisticated, they are corny enough to be entertaining if you're in the right mood. When you throw in a cast of characters who behave like rejects from a Monty Python movie, you have all the makings of a fine adventure. The puzzles on display here too are pretty decent, and while not overly challenging, the humour also shines through into them so you can overlook any lack of challenge. The graphics are charming enough in an old-school way, with good use of vibrant colours which help to bring the world to life, although it doesn't quite feel as if it is set in the 12th century, but this is a minor niggle. Aside from this, Lord Avalot is an enjoyable little adventure that is buckets of fun while it lasts.

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