Playtoons 1: Oncle Archibald

Puzzle 1994 Dos Sierra Education

Magic experiments gone wrong!

In Playtoons 1: Oncle Archibald, you get to play as a couple of children that are into chemistry experiments. However, one day, something goes wrong, the kids experiments go horribly wrong, and monsters form a nether realm get reanimated and drawn into the real world, where they cause a whole lot of issues But not all is lost. The experiments can be undone, with the aid of uncle Archibald, though, so the story won't end up this wrong. And pretty much this is what Playtoons 1: Oncle Archibald is, a digital story book, without a lot more going in for itself. Your main purpose in the game is to scroll to the next page. At times you get very minimal choose-your-own-adventure points in the story, but they don't really diverge into very different narratives, but just give the game a different look and feel, but these alternate lines ultimately converge back to where they started and the ending is just one. So, if you want a kids BD kind of narrative, do download Playtoons 1: Oncle Archibald and for a more involving similar game/fiction in digital form, download Pepper's Adventures in Time, more of a classic adventure, but with a heavy storytelling portion to it too.

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