Word Rescue 1

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Apogee Education Typing or writing Action Adventure

Platformer puzzler with edutainment elements

Word Rescue 1 puts you in a colorful, set of levels which look as if drawn by hand. It is definitely not the best looking platformer, even in the childlike area of graphic styles, but it sure works. You are tasked with finding the right tile that corresponds to the word you uncover in the level. This is what the edutainment portion consists of, in asking of you to read a word, and then find out the object the word represents. Of course, to add variety to the experience you also will encounter enemies which must be navigated around or overcome by other means, and then return to an umbrella which will take you to the next level. Later on, the puzzles will pick up in difficulty but not by much so that if you are playing with a kindergarten child, he will not feel overwhelmed. It is thus simple to see that this is not your platformer for people looking for platforming challenges, but rather just a wrapper for a simple, word to object link kind puzzler, so it is best played with small children, to aid them in learning the alphabet and to learn to recognize objects and words.

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