Pepper’s Adventures in Time

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Education

Edutainment that is as fun as they get!

Pepper is a teenager that sure knows how to get in trouble! But, hey, what are you there if not to help him out, and in the process maybe improve your critical reasoning, your dexterity and your math and other related skills! Sound Well, it might, but it sure doesn't feel that that once you get down with the game. It actually feels like a really well put together collection of minigames that could have been expanded into standalone games all on their own, without no issues. But, as it is, the game manages to wrap them all up and to create a genuinely pleasant experience, one that will make you forget that you are playing a game that is bound to teaching you stuff. At any rate, I loved it and I was down for it for the colorful and catchy characters drawn in a very European style, with pink long faces and with all sort of details that really feel more recent than 93. But, I guess, the developers really put a lot of thinking into how to present the game to you, so here it is: a great, nicely polished, overall greatly managed game. Alternatively, if you want a more math inclined game that focuses on math puzzles give Troggle Trouble Math a go: it shares the same nice overall design with this game here.

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