Pool Champion

Simulation 1995 Windows Mindscape Pool or Snooker

A classy and addictive simulation

Though it's among the better snooker and pool simulation games, but it did not have the same impact in the market as the games like Virtual Pool. The game apart from playing snooker also has some other distinct elements such as the dialogue interaction between the players. You will start with just 50 bucks and have to play with different players and have different bets to make good money to able to play the Las Vegas national nine ball tournament. You also have to choose the right time to pay out for different training lessons and to buy some good cue which can help you to improve your game. As you advance on in levels, the gameplay gets quite tougher due to the tough players that you face. This will require you a lot of practice before you can actually beat them to win the so desired cash. There are about 8 variations that have been offered in the game and also have a career mode. It has all the diversity that one might need but is a bit technically inferior to Virtual Pool. Overall it's a simulation which can give you all the desired gaming elements upon a single platform.

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